Starfish and New Testaments

I’m sure you can recollect the well told story about the old man who was taking his daily walk along the beach, when he spotted a young boy crouched by the water, scooping up something from the sand and throwing it back into the ocean. As he got closer, he realized the boy was repeatedly stooping, scooping and throwing little stranded starfish back into the ocean.

Eventually he questioned him saying…”what are you doing there, boy?” The boy replied, I’m saving these stranded starfish. If they stay on the beach they will dry out and die, so I’m putting them back into the ocean so they can live.”

The old man was silent, and then quietly chided the child. “Young man, there are thousands of starfish on this beach and it goes for miles and miles. I hate to say it, but you will never make a difference.”

The Boy replied…”Well I just made a difference for THIS starfish,” and continued on with his work.

As believers it can be easy to feel a lot like that old man, and think wow…there are 1.5 billion people in this world who STILL do not have access to the whole Bible in a language they understand.  That is A LOT of starfish.     But as Christians…every life we touch with the gospel, every stranger we clothe and minister to, every person who is encouraged by our faith…they are starfish.  Saved one by one from their path of destruction and given a new lease on life. 

However, today I’m not writing to discourage you, or make you feel like we are only accomplishing a drop in the bucket of Scripture translation. Instead, I am SO excited to share with you the number of New Testaments that were dedicated by Wycliffe Translators in the month of April alone!!  The month of April was like a giant wave that dragged a whole ton of those little starfish back to the safety of the sea.

April 2019:

  • Xamtanga New Testament on April 1-5, 2019
    • Location: Ethiopia.
    • Population: 300,000.
  • Ngombale New Testament on April 27, 2019
    • Location: Cameroon.
    • Population: 105,000.
  • Romblomanon New Testament on April 27, 2019
    • Location: Philippines.
    • Population: 120,000.
  • Kandas New Testament on April 28, 2019
    • Location: Papua New Guinea.
    • Population: 700.

When you do the math that is 525,700 souls who now have access to the Word of God in a language they understand!  That’s A LOT of people who like the starfish in the story above were thrown back with a new lease on life. 

Please join with us in prayer:

 -Praise the Lord for these translations and pray that these communities are transformed by the power of the gospel.

-Pray for the Bibleless people groups around the world! 

Your prayers really do make a difference for both the one and the many!

And also, please consider joining us in tossing starfish back into the ocean by partnering with us in our Wycliffe ministry to see this life altering work extend to the people of Papua New Guinea as we prepare to Go.