Zielinski Family 2021 

Who we are:

Hello!  Thanks for visiting our website!  We are the Zielinski family and are Wycliffe missionaries to Papua New Guinea (PNG).  We have been in the country since January 2021 and are working to support Bible Translation through our work in aviation and the medical field.

Wojtek’s role in PNG is as a fixed wing pilot and mechanic. His heart is to use his skills in aviation to bring translators and and ultimately the Word of God to the uttermost. PNG, with over 800 languages, is the most linguistically diverse country in the world. Its terrain makes many places impassable by road, and the work of aviation has changed the face of Bible Translation by drastically decreasing the time it takes to translate the Bible and get God’s word into the hands of the people of PNG.

Jen: loves working as an RN and uses her nursing skills to serve both Papua New Guineans and fellow missionaries at the SIL clinic located in Aiyura valley, PNG. Her background is primarily in labor & delivery and wound care, but here in PNG she is a jack-of-all-trades. From working in the lab, to helping in the pharmacy in addition to nursing care, being an RN at the clinic allows her to be Jesus with skin on to those who are suffering from physical ailments.

Meet the Z-Kids!

These four amazing kiddos are a vital part of our ministry team in PNG. Meet Ariana-13, Katrielle-9, Selah-7, and Zion-5. Their ability to forge relationships, make friends and adapt to new cultures and situations has been an amazing bridge as we build relationships and make new friends here in PNG. The Z-Kids attend Ukarumpa International School and are currently in 8th, 4th, & 2nd grade, and preschool.